Notes   /   18 January 2019

Discussion notes for "With Those We Love Alive"

This is a small-group discussion, so find a small group and take a few minutes to talk about Porpentine's "With Those We Love Alive".

Start off by making sure you all know each others' names, then take turns describing your experience. Be as literal and specific as possible, down to your exact sequence of choices if you recall. You can read from your Discord comments, if you want to.

Once everyone has described their experience, compare and contrast your experiences. Did you all see the same content, or were there things you did that made your experience unique?

What are we talking about when we talk about "With Those we Love Alive?" Is it the text that Porpentine designed, or the experience that you created through your choices? If the latter, and if your experiences were truly different from one another, how do we talk about which ones matter?

If you had to assign a genre, format, or category for WTWLA, what would you call it?